PAcon 2015

Hi there!
This post is a little bit late. There are two reasons:
1) I’ve created a fanpage on Facebook Lurker’s Photo Corner and it has priority when it comes to photos. You can condemn me all you want, but still… life is harsh…
2) I was defending my PhD :) Successfully <3
So, back to the topic. Here are a few batches of photos from PAcon 2015: Planet Armada Conspiracy. The event itself… was small. And it lacked cosplay due to low… well… no interest at all from cosplayers. So no cosplay… and no photostudio. But on the other hand, I was still quite busy and I had my share of fun. I did a few guerilla photoshots outdoors (thanks Morgi!), despite the cold and darkness. I wore a cosplay of Jinto from Crest of the Stars. And I tried Oculus Rift mk2 in Elite: Dangerous…. wearing cosplay from Crest of the Stars <3
So… I'm quite happy :)



Instant Cosplay (there was no “normal” cosplay, only this… “thing”)

Session – Another

Session – Prisoner Transport

Session – Thor
Session – Inquisitor


~ by lurkerpas on March 15, 2015.

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