Here is the place for introduction. So, first of all, I am myself, and nobody else…

Myself means that I am a …. – well, it’s hard to tell, because I do many different things. I’ve been doing some of them for years, while some of the other ones I’ve just more or less recently started, and some I do just on a whim…

When I have the freedom to do whatever I choose, I am never bored. When I’m fed up with one thing (I know the word “frustration” all too well, just think a little bit about debugging 10000 lines of code…) I can easily switch to something I started, say, a year before, and just put on a hold for some reason…

This blog is just a way to publish my creations (creatures? ;) ), so that I will be able to get some feedback, but also motivation to do them well. To improve my skills and practices, and so improve myself. I’m still going to keep most of the things to myself, so don’t expect too much content. A small program once in a while… just as an experiment. Well, maybe also a photo or a drawing… Blog – it’s just a means. It gives me all what I need. Word Press – a colleague suggested it. There is nothing more to it…


Lurker’s specification:

Fully qualified name – Michał “Lurker” Kurowski

Host Hardware – male, model from 1985

Country – Poland

Education – Doctor of Engineering  (Information Technology @ Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies of Warsaw Technical University)

Current work – programmer at N7Mobile (mobile programming/spacetech)

Previous work – gameplay programmer at Techland Warsaw (worked on Nail’d), Application Response Measurement, WebSphere and Magnolia related projects for IBM

Interests – programming (especially graphics and AI), robotics, gaming, drawing, digital photography, skiing, biking, diving, anime and japanese culture, travelling and whatever seems interesting…


You can never be sure where and when I’ll be lurking next time!

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi!

    I’vedownload your dictionary, it’s fantastic. I was wandered if you would expand it with kanji or katakana. I’d join this procecz if it possible!

  2. Thanks;) I really appreciate that somebody found it usefull:)
    As for further development, I don’t have much time at the moment – but we’ll see…
    Kanji or Kana support would be great indeed, but there are some problems – Kanji is out of the question, because of the memory/workforce limitations – JVMs (even on N Series) have about 2MB of memory, so adding my own Kanji characters is impossible(or possible, but at the cost of a dramatic reduction in the number of words). Built-in support for different fonts in JME is “limited” – working with it would provide different results on different phones and would require lots of work… Maybe a different app limited to translating the first 2 levels of Kanji?
    As for Kana – that’s quite possible. However, a “true” Kana support would require me to completely rewrite the entire dictionary and support routines for extracting data from EDICT – so that would be a completely new project:). With fewer words, due to the same memory limitations…
    But an additional module that would “translate” between Kana and Romanji sounds plausible. The only glitch would be that the translations would be based only on the rules – which would be OK in “most” cases… But there are always exceptions…

    So: in the nearest future I’ll think of a Kana-Romanji module for the dictionary.

    As for joining forces – I do appreciate the offer, but this particular project is not too good for that, for various reasons. And cooperation with me would be quite troublesome at the moment, because of a little overload:) Maybe some other time, on some open-source project:) But thanks anyway!

  3. Hey Luke — I was wondering if I could use your base Ruby IRC code and add a graphical front end using Shoes. Not for sale, of course, just for experimentation. Thanks.

  4. ?!
    Of course!

    This code isn’t much, but the sole purpose of all the code posted on this blog is to serve as reference/help/base/whatever… You can use it any way you want, as long as you mention that you downloaded it from here and I was the author (of the downloaded code, not the derived work of course;) )

    Recently (despite the holidays) I do not have much time so my hobbies (including programming) are a bit neglected, so the blog and code is rarely updated… But I’m always very happy to see that someone finds it usefull:)

    Good luck!

    BTW >> My name is Lurker, but yes, I’d like to force to be with me;)

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