Universal Century

Welcome to the era of wars between the Principality of Zeon and Earth Federation. The era that Gundams came into existence!

MS-18E Kampfer (Zeon)

One of the greatest Mobile Suit designs – fast, agile and deadly… Unfortunately with short range and very thin armor. This prototype MS used mainly for covert/special operations can be seen in “War in the pocket” destroying entire squad of mass produced Federation suits, just before it’s destroyed by another prototype: RX-78 NT-1 Gundam

MS-06FZ Zaku II (Zeon)
Mass production type Zeon Mobile Suit. Probably the weakest of them all, but still, it was the pioneer that marked the end of the era of large cannons (MSigLOO). Built in many variations (e.g. marine type) throughout the Universal Century, it’s traits can be seen also in other universes (Zaku Warrior in Cosmic Era).

AMX-002 Neue Ziel (Zeon)

One of the best Mobile Armors ever crafted – housing 75800kW Minovsky ultracompact fusion reactor, variety of beam weaponry and I-field generator. Can be seen piloted by Anavel Gato and decimating Federation fleet during the operation “Stardust” (“Stardust Memory”). It’s a real shame that it met it’s destruction due to lack of support from Axis fleet. Here it’s presented together with AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra – Zeon Mobile Suit based on…
… unfinished plans of Gundam Unit 04 (RX-78GP04G Gundam Gerbera).

RX-78GP03 Gundam Unit 03 Dendrobium Orchis (Earth Federation)

Third of the three prototype Gundam units starring in “Stardust Memory”, and completely different from the others. Instead of being a just Mobile Suit, it’s a Mobile Suit hidden within a vast body of a Mobile Armor. Very heavily armed and armored (with additional protection of I-field generator), but still, its design seems rather bulky, not intimidating. But then again, piloted by Kou Uraki, it dealt massive damage to Delaz fleet. How was it called? Prototype Foothold Defensive Mobile Armor.

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (Anti-Earth Union Group)

Transformable (via “movable frame” design) mobile suit for Newtypes, inspired by RX-178 Gundam Mk2, designed by Kamille Bidan (its future pilot) with cooperation from Astonage Medosso and built by Anaheim Electronics. In short, a VMSAWRS (Variable Mobile Suit and WaveRider System) which combined the best of a mobile suit and a fighter. Its arments (may) include 2 vulcans, 2 grenade launchers, 2 beam sabers, beam rifle, hyper mega launcher and a shield – enough of firepower to deal some nice damage to the Titan’s space fleet…


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  1. Thanks for adding Gundamore to your blogroll =)

  2. No problem:)
    Well, my modelling skills are rather … modest … but still, I’m a kind of a Gundam maniac, so I thought it’d be nice to at least point to a place with a bit broader choice of properly assembled (good linking) Gundams;)

  3. Amazing things here. I’m very glad to see your article. Thank you so much and I’m taking a look ahead to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

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