Animatsuri 2009 – Event

Here you can find some of my photos from Animatsuri 2009 Anime & Manga convention which took place in Warsaw this year. Because of the sheer volume of photos, I decided (once again) to split them in two parts: “Event” (general photos that try to convey the atmosphere) and “Cosplay” (with same strange people dressed in even stranger clothes;) ).
As for the convention itself, sure it was nice. The merchandise was rather poor and most of the non-cosplay activities weren’t to my taste, but:

  • the cosplayers were great;
  • the organization DIDN’T S**K (really, it isn’t just that is was better than during Mokon:) );
  • the atmosphere was OK (although some say, that previous conventions had a little more spirit…);
  • I had a good camera;) (although I failed again to get a decent sniping spot… – I wish more cosplayers had at least a faint notion of the fact that they are performing not only before the judges, but before the entire audience and that the entire stage is theirs, not just the small area between the steps and the host);

Anyway, enjoy the photos!
Many, many thanks to Iriska, Kodama, Mrs. Albi and others for cosplay (btw, if you haven’t received the photos so far, e-mail me…) and Kibit for lecture!

(photos made by other people can be found here,list,1.html (look for Animatsuri 2))

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