Ecchicon 4th strike 2009

Ecchicon – ecchi as in ecchi;), con as in convent…

To cut straight to the point, without unnecessary rants:
* seemed to be slightly more humble than Mokon
* despite some minor issues (and suboptimal architectural layout of the location), it was organized better (and I’m getting used to queues, two more convents and I’ll learn how to levitate, moar!)
* merchandise was OK:)
* panels were mainly offtopic and not well prepared :( (no, I am NOT thinking about you Kibit)
* regular cosplay was pretty good:)
* there were only two cosplay scenes, but the second one – “Hot to become a mango” – rocks!!
* I was unable to attend the ecchi cosplay during the night due to the fact, that 2 one-day-tickets (the only ones available on the spot) didn’t entitle to stay the whole two days, as a two-day-ticket which was available only with advace payment… WHY!? WHY!? WHYYYYYY!! Why did I have to miss this cosplay!? I hate the org who came with this idea…

If I could have some wishes, they would be:
* learn to levitate
* become an ethereal ghost which can freely wander through the crowds
* get a machine gun with a licence to shot all heads and other body parts within the focus of my camera
* get a flash capable of lighting an object on the other side of a P.E. hall with fast reload (yes, the one powered by Minovsky ultra-compact fusion reactor), a disperser and a long arm.
* get an instant action non-cosplayer-otaku-repeller;) so that…. well…. I could save lives… never mind….
* get a VIP two-day ticket and see the ecchi cosplay
* marry Nia

As for the cosplayers, my personal favourites would be:
Code Geass team – wonderful outfits!
D Gray Man team – nice scene, nice scale, a big one guy;)
Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan) – pierce through the sky!
Rin (Fate Stay/Night) and Inuyasha (guess what) – kawaii!
Nia (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan) – kawaii^2!!
The two blood-covered girls – kowai;)

I had high hopes for Konata, but the character is a fireball of energy and joy, while the cosplayer… well, seemed to be at least tired…

No photos from ecchi cosplay… I know I’m saying it for the n’th time, but… Still no ecchi cosplay… :(

Also, no photos from the Fanservice Tournament – I couldn’t see it all, but still: what was seen, cannot be unseen…


Edit: Well, it turned out that the Ecchi cosplay that I really missed… didn’t happen at all due to the lack of participants (I wonder why… ;) ). They improvised some “ecchi” scenes, but it’s not the same.
Anyway, people uploaded some of their photos to galleries on My recommendations are:,gallery,browse,769.html?sort=1&grid=5×8,gallery,browse,771,3.html?grid=5×8,gallery,browse,774.html,gallery,browse,775.html,gallery,browse,776.html?grid=5×8,gallery,browse,779.html?sort=1&grid=5×8


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