Ecchicon 5th strike – Photo Sessions

This gallery contains a couple of photos from posed photo sessions during Ecchicon 5. Most of them were taken inside Sahiel’s photoroom, but Revy was photographed outdoors. In case of Asuka and Evita (please correct me if I messed up the name) I was the main “photographer” (though Sahiel had taken some photos of Asuka earlier), so I had control over the external flash and I did the posing (well, with lots of help from the cosplayers themselves;) ). Despite the fact that it was my first such experience, the photos turned out pretty OK. I did however put some additional effort into cropping and minor retouch (rubbish on the ground…) of Evita’s photos – it would be a real shame if such outfit was wasted…
The rest of the cosplayers was photographed by more experienced people, and I just got myself a free ride taking advantage of their setup… I couldn’t use flash though, so majority of the photos lack sharpness and suffer from noise… Still, I perceive them as a nice piece of convent “documentation” and valuable memory:)
I would like to thank everyone for their time and patience, especially Sahiel for creating this opportunity, Evita for outstanding outfit, Revy for her “cute-and-badass” looks and the Code Geass Team for cosplaying some of my favourite characters:)
Oh… and my younger sister, for cosplaying Asuka Kazama from Tekken 5…

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