Egypt III – Safari 2010

In April 2010 I set off for my first ever diving safari. The whole trip was intended to last a week, but due to the vulcano ash paralyzing the airlines it was extended for another one. All the pictures here were taken using my old Olympus C5050z – the poor thing loses more and more functionality (for example access to presets, which I really miss…), but with a bit of luck it still can do a pretty nice job:) This time I decided to tamper with the photos much more than I do usually – apart from cropping and gamma adjustment, I experimented with red channel reconstruction… The results are… different than usual – the photos are more lively, but I miss this bluish tone that used to make them so “ocean-underwater”…
Anyway, please enjoy photos from Gota Wadi elGemal, Gota Mars Alam, Yolanda, Thistlegorm, Dunreaven, Elphenstone, Brother Islands, Gihanisd, Carnatic, Sea Star and more;)

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