EZkon 2012

Photos from the convention (EZkon, Warsaw, 31032012-01042012) that was supposed to be different than all others… And different it was… No cosplay for me (T_T)
It certainly wasn’t overcrowded, but the quality, not the quantity, is what really counts when it comes to people (^_^) I spent most of my time participating in the panels, making photos and simply talking to people I unfortunately rarely see in person. So, all in all, the convention was pretty good, although… small… incomplete… I don’t want to imply that the lack of cosplay is at fault, but… still, there was something missing… Something, that could be filled by “the Great EZkon Event”, but wasn’t, due to the mentioned event being a simple and short Rick Roll followed by a disco:/
Maybe next year?

BTW >> I got ♥Holo♥! Not the “apples” version (that one’s expensive…), but still cute:) And an oversized mouse pad;P

Enjoy the photos!

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  1. […] I’ve just uploaded some of my photos from EZkon – a convention different than all others! Due to the event being relativelly small and me spending most of my time on discussion panels, the […]

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