Here you can find some photos from “FANtAZJA”, East Asian Cultures’ Festival which took place in Warsaw on the 19th and 20th of Fabruary 2011.
More info on the event is available at, so I’ll only highlight what was important for me, and naturally, what you can find on the photos:)

1) Kimono presentation
2) Japanese martial arts (mainly Aikido, some Kenjutsu)
3) Meeting with Tomek Michniewicz, reporter and traveller
4) Vietnamese martial arts (Viet vo dao and Viet tai chi – the latter not really being a martial art;) )
5) Thai boxing
6) Wushu
7) Japanese games (by Polish League of Mahjong)
8) Chinese (xiangqi) and Korean (janggi) chess
9) Chinese Kanji lesson

BTW – During the event I was introduced to Chinese and Korean chess. Both games look interesting (well, they still won’t beat Go and Shougi in my private popularity contest) and the person presenting them was really enthusiastic, so I guess I’ll provide links to his 2 blogs: (Korean chess) (Chinese chess)



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