Hellcon 2010 – Cosplay

Here you can find some photos from cosplay held at Hellcon 2010 – a small Halloween themed Anime and Manga convention that took place during the last weekend of October in Warsaw. For more photos please check out the Hellcon Halloween Party and Event pages.

The cosplay was quite good – my personal favourite in terms of the theme was the “Dead Princesses” team (or something like this, I tend to forget names quickly…) featuring (among others) Snow White and Mulan;) The best presentation was IMHO given by Sakuranna, playing the esoteric Yuuko Ichihara – as my colleague commented – finally something different:)

As for the photos… The quality is a little worse than my average (yes, I always complain and find excuses – this time I basically repeated some of the mistakes from Ecchicon 4), but I hope still manageable. As a funny fact (or maybe not so in the long run…) I’ll mention that during this event I smelled a burning synthetic… As it turned out, it was my flash… I think it was the first time when I overheated it to that extent. It still works, but I’ll have to be more careful from now on. And I’ll also have to finally buy a decent external flash – stronger, with different angle and diffused… Still I don’t see it happening before Wampircon:(

Meanwhile, please enjoy the photos:)


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