Italian mountains take II

This is a *relatively* small choice of photos from my second skiing visit in Italy. This year we stayed in Folgarida Marilleva and had one day visits in Tonale/Ponte di Legno (place from the previous year) and Madonna di Campiglio. Nice weather, lots of snow, beautiful scenery… Well, except for the day in Tonale – the fog was so dense, that one of my favourite scenery-wise tracks – Alpino – had visibility range of 1-5m (nope, that’s not a joke/exaggeration: once I though I was moving while I was actually standing still, and I saw the ground only when I fell on the snow…).

This time the photos were made using my new Olympus E520, so – at least technically – they should be of a slightly better quality. As I didn’t want to take off my goggles and stuff, I didn’t see much (especially color balance/exposition) and so I decided to trust the built-in “Snow and Beach” mode. In some cases the pictures were a bit overbright (fixed exposition +0.3), but generally they look very nice.


One Response to “Italian mountains take II”

  1. These are crisp – very nice shadow detail.


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