Japanese Culture Festival 2010.11

Here you can find some photos from the busy day of 2010 11 20, when there were 2 separate japan related events.

The “main” IMHO event – Japanese Culture Festival – was held at the Culture and Information Departament of the Japan Embassy. It featured exhibitions and presentations on the subject of ink painting, embroidery, manufacture, caligraphy, dried-flower compositions, tenkoku seals, salt landscapes and some other traditional japanese art. One could participate in some of the activities, as well as take part in Tea Ceremony/The Way of the Tea:). The exhibitions were followed by a concert held at philharmonie where you could listen to 2 japanese (“Tanoshii Utagoe”, Reiko Tachibana with band(?)) and 1 polish (“Zacisze”) choir, koto instruments (“Taishogoto” band), pianoforte by Hiroyuki Nakayama and Ikuko Takeuchi with mandolin band… There was also some eye-candy in the form of Ikebana (“Ikenobo” group) and kimono show (“Kimono Kobo”). I know it’s not cosplay;), but close enough… Still, the kimono show alone was enough to attend this event:)

The second event – Japanese Warsaw – was held at “Bee’s Dream” club and featured some presentations and some stands (sushi, bonzai…), but generally was much, much poorer. The Tea Ceremony was done in a pretty guerilla way… Nothing to see here, move along… :( The situation could be rescued by the Student Japanese Games Association (teaching Go, Hanafuda, Mahjong and Shougi), but there were major problems with accomodating the players because of the lack of places to play. It was fun if you managed to get one (I did grab one chair as a table (~25×25 cm) for small (9×9) Goban and forced it into the crowd… the experience was… suboptimal)… But otherwise… I heard people talking about leaving because they could only stand… And that there was nothing to do… The goods at the stands were a joke… Epic Fail… I didn’t stay to watch the martial arts presentation, but given the feeling of this event (fail, fail, fail) and the competition (the concert), the choice of obvious… Better luck next time.

Still, please enjoy the photos (for obvious reasons, 95% is from the Japanese Culture Festival:))!


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