Liburnicon 2013

A couple of photos from Liburnicon, a croatian SF&Fantasy festival that took place on the 23rd and 24th of August 2013. I got there by a mere coincidence -> after a day’s worth of driving along the croatian coast, when I finally arrived in Opatija, I went shopping to Billa. On a parking lot I found a beauty with nekomimi :3 She told me that a convention was nearby. I was caught completely off-guard, so I was low on equipment and rather tired, but still I decided to see at least a small part and bought the ticket. It was the end of the last day and I spent only 1.5h there, but!
The organization seemed to be rather good… It was clean, orderly, without any issues…
The atmosphere was very nice…
The people were amazing! Especially the guys from Warhammer room and the one cosplaying Pyramid Head <3 I talked to them and they were very friendly, helpful and sociable. I wish the polish fandom was like this… But… Well… Events (and so attitudes…) in Opatija are probably more international than those in Warsaw and both the minimum and median age seemed to be a little higher than those on polish M&A conventions… No "gimbaza". If you are not from Poland, don't try to decipher this word. Of course, polish SF fandom is older. But… not so friendly, especially to M&A fans:/
There were very few cosplayers (and the convention itself was rather small), but the quality was pretty good.
So… Please enjoy the photos!

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