PACon 2010 – Cosplay

Here you can find some photos from cosplay at PACon 2010. The amount of pictures might be just too large, but… I couldn’t resist;) Partially because I consider this particular cosplay pretty well done… This time I found kawaii team(s) from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and a pair from Macross Frontier. Ranka was just great and Alto – well, if memory serves me well, first words that Ranka spoke upon seeing Alto was “she’s beautiful”… and that’s so true for this one;) Actually I could easily set-up a small Ranka’N’Alto fanclub corner, but it would certainly be over the top. Same goes for Hanyu, but I have much fewer photos of her:( I should probably also mention pretty lively and sociable team from Full Metal Alchemist…

If I find some spare time, I’ll perform a bit more aggressive selection linked with light re-touch (cropping/gamma) and I’ll put them as “PACon choice” or something…
For the time being – enjoy!

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