Recently there was a photo competition anounced by Olympus (
I usually don’t take part in such things, but this time the awards were quite tempting, so I decided to browse through my archives and find a few things that could be shown to the public…
One of the categories was “Panoramas”. So after I spent a few long hours searching for them and picking the more or less good ones, not to mention processing them (some were a raw output from a stitching program), I thought that I can “reuse” my work and put some of them here… So here they are;) I believe that if I have something new I may add it to this collection as well.

BTW >> Some earlier ones were stitched with software for my camera from Olympus, but the new ones are done with a program called AutoStitch


Machu Picchu (Peru)


A plane in the mountains somewhere in between Arequipa and Colca Canyon (Peru)


A view on the mountains near Arequipa (Peru)


Harbour in Montreal (Canada)


View of Montreal from Mont-Royal (Canada)


Bridge on an artifical lake on emperor’s palace grounds (China)


Statue of Buddha carved in a river cliff (China)


Mountain Lake near Lhasa (Tibet)


Landscape (Sweden)


Fiord (Sweden)


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