Plzen 2012

Here you can find some of the photos I made during my trip to Czech Republic for WSCG 2012 conference, where I presented a paper about meandering rivers. In the afternoon, after the sessions, instead of going to the recommended brewery, I decided to see the Skoda factory (well… what was left of it… anyway…), the zoo (very nice… except for the stuff they did to some of the birds:/) and dinosaur park (great!), a nearby castle and of course the city of Plzen itself, including some of its cellars (^_^) On my way back I visited Jasna Gora -> a famous polish monastery. Please enjoy the photos!

(Some of them were taken with my cell phone and the others with my old camera…)

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  1. […] to dig through some of my old sets. Today I finally went through the photos from my short trip to Plzen (Czech Republic) for WSCG 2012 -> zoo, dinosaurs, old buildings, cellars… this kind of stuff:) […]

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