Tenerife – underwater

Here are the photos from my trip to Tenerife in 2007.

I wasn’t very lucky, so I saw only a small sample of the underwater wildlife near Tenerife. And although I did see a stingray (or something like that;) ) I was unable to make a decent photo… Not to mention dolphines, which I saw only from the boat… Tenerife has also some very interesting rock formations – it is a volcano after all. But again, not everything looks good on pictures, at least on mine – it’s much better to see it all with your own eyes… I did also a lot of takes featuring my fellow divers, but I believe they are most interesting for those who are on the pictures;) .

The total count is about 2000 photos. It’s impossible (and undesireable) to put them all here, but here is a small selection, that may possibly grow a little if I’ll bump into something interesting…









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