Long, long ago, when I was a child, I really dreamed of building my own robot… However, I didn’t have any idea how to do such a thing. Programming in QBASIC was easy and obvious, but making a chunk of metal/plastic/whatever move was like magic… And so I stuck to programming – which wasn’t so bad actually:)

But when I joined the Faculty of Electronics and IT, I gained – more or less willingly – the needed skills. Two years ago I decided to build a robot! So I was experimenting with different things (motors, servos…), learning microcontrollers and stuff, and finally I built my very own robot – Hildorfr.

In the meantime, my father bought for himself some LEGO mindstorms, I-droid, Robo Sapies and god knows what else, but still, I cling to the things I built -more or less- myself.

So, here you read a little about my struggle on the border line between the digital and analog world….




Follow The Line 2007

Infra Red sensors


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