Beware of Hildorfr!

It’s the first “real” robot that I built. It’s name comes from it’s base and my interests in Gundam series. Originally Hildorfr is the name of Zeon’s mobile artillery platform. The robot itself was meant to be a mobile experimental platform and was built on top of the base of a German Panther RC tank model. The upper part was removed together with all the electronics and replaced with a plexi plate on which I placed my own circuits.

Technical data:

Size – slightly more than an A4 page, and varies:)

Base – base of a German Panther RC tank model

Propulsion – 2 DC motors, approximatelly 3.5W each, speed can reach 30cm/s top.

Battery – 7.2 V 1700 mAh battery for DC motors, 4 AA 1.5 V batteries for electronics (circuits isolated by transoptors)

Controll – ARM7 LPC2148 microcontroller mounted on a design board (60 Mhz, 48kb RAM, 512kb Flash)

Sensors – vary;)

Here are some photos:

Early construction


Geared up for Follow the Line 2007


With Infra-Red distance sensors


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