MKE Gallery

Hi there!

Just recently I’ve got accepted for an apprenticeship! Hurray,hurraa! Well, not really… For various reasons, the experience is not so great so far. In order to vent the stress, tension, etc. I had to create something… So I decided to draw something. But afterwards, I though it would be good if I could organize the drawings (not only mine), so that I could associate the result with the sketch and working file, view some comments etc. And that’s the MKE Gallery;) Basically, it’s an image viewer, that allows you to browse a gallery described in an xml file. That simple… There isn’t too much code (thanks to c# ;) ), and the functionality is very basic…


Browse the pictures in the gallery;)

View each picture

View the sketch associated with each picture (if one exists…)

Rotate the sketch/picture

View the comment associated with the picture

Go fullscreen with the picture/sketch

And that’s it. But it seems to work. The xml that describes a gallery is pretty simple:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

<Comment>Moj pierwszy rysunek po dlugiej wakacyjnej przerwie. Bledy zostaly zrobione na etapie szkicu: za dluga szyja, za mala glowa, za duzy biust, niedopasowanie sylwetki do pokoju (najpierw zrobilem poze, pozniej na sile dolozylem tlo…), ale dopiero kolorowy rysunek je uwypuklil :( Jako plusy mozna wymienic pocwiczenie z dlonmi, wlosami i perspektywa. </Comment>


If you came this far reading, so I guess you are interested -> here is the link:)

The release is fresh from VS, so probably there are as many bugs as there possibly can be in 100 lines of code;) If you are interested in the source – it’s included, so go ahead. Screw the corporations, the community needs you – go open source! Right…

Here are two “action” screenshots – please don’t mind the content, I’m really bad at drawing, and the picture is the first one I drew in a long time…



PS – As always, you can use this software in any way you want, but you don’t get any guarantee that it works or it’s fit for any purpose. You also agree that I will not be held responsible for any effects of use or misuse of this software. Oh, and don’t claim that you are the one who wrote it… I think that’s all. I hate the lawyers – although the world is already complicated, they make it complicated even more… Can’t help it, can I?

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  1. i don’t think that you really bad at drawing, i think that this is interesting

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