Open Portal

Open Portal is a project done for PGK (podstawy Programowania Gier Komputerowych – Game Programming fundamentals) class. The goal was to develop a functional game engine and present a simple game working on top of it. The class focused on DirectX 9.0, but the most important thing that I learnt is that DirectX is STILL ugly (the last time was a long time ago, and it was DX5 or DX6…), so I decided to do my project in OpenGL 2.0. I don’t have a nice name for the engine, but I called the game Open Portal as it’s gameplay is a bit inspired by Portal (by Valve) – you shoot two portals and try to get to places otherwise unreachable. Nice and simple. At the moment the game has only two simplistic maps designed just to show some features and uses media (mainly sounds…) from Doom 3 and Quake 3 (everything was done in a bit of a rush) – so I can’t release it as it is now… But if (again) I find some time to upgrade the engine, maybe I’ll do something better to show off;)

As for the engine itself, it uses:
some other minor stuff.

.obj file loading
Some physics (thanks to PhysX;))
HDRish like effect with some bloomish thing:)
3D sound (a really thin wrapper around OpenAL)
Specular maps
Culling through an oct-tree

It would be cool back in 2004, but some time has passed since then. However, it’s still able to produce some nice spooky/freaky graphics and atmosphere, not to mention that I had some fun making it – I didn’t do anything game related for some time now and my OpenGL skills got a bit rusty. The main assumption behind it’s architecture was to make things as simple (from the potential gamemaker’s point of view) as possible while still keeping it versalite enough for a real game. This resulted in an OpenGL/OpenAL/OpenCL/GLFW like API which I really like… Depending on my master’s degree time consumption maybe I’ll polish it a little and make something fun:)

To do:
Parallax Mapping
Shadow Mapping
Better sound manager
Particle engine
More options for PhysX
A nice game;)

Some screens:

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