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The Student Space Engineering Scientific Group that I belong to is creating the main computer for the ESEO (European Student Earth Orbiter) satellite. All components – developed by students from all over the Europe – within this satellite are to be connected by a pair of industrial CAN busses.

The idea of this program (actually a set of programs) is to enable testing of communication between these components without the need to physically connect them by a CAN wire… Which would mean a lot of travelling and an awfull disappointment if something was screwed up. The goal is achieved by creating a “virtual” CAN bus over the internet – and VCAN Server is aimed to be centre of this virtual bus that binds all the clients that are connected to the actual hardware.

This project was started before I joined the SSESG and even some software was developed… However, all that was done was lacking several useful features. So me and my friends – Michał Mosdorf, Marcin Iwiński and Piotr Stepaniak -developed a set of programs that achieved all that was needed – VCANServer, CANServer and CANClient. But…

During the First Hungarian-Polish Student Space Conference the Hungarians presented their solution to the problem – but using a completely different architecture… The original VCANServer architecture had -as always- both advantages and drawbacks… It was decided that a new VCAN Server shall be built, combining the best features of both solutions. And that’s the project:)

If it gets accepted by the participating teams, it will be used during the pre-assembly testing of the ESEO satellite. If not… Well, I did refresh a few things on networking and threading, not to mention C# that was I used for the ReferenceVCANClient. This time everyting was developed by me – which has proven to be the fastest way. Situation when one person writes the server and another one the client introduces some unnecessary lags…

The future of this project was always clouded, but… We will see:)
So far, the project status is “under development and consultation”…

So here are the links:

Project files
(go to the VCAN section)
Homepage of the SSESG

And some interesting libraries that I found during development of this project:

(used for MD5 password encryption)
XML parser
(an excellent, lightweight and easy to use XML parser)


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