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Download EAR

This is a small web application that was built in order to learn the basics of Java Enterprise Edition. It’s composed of a single bean used for database access (EJB3 using container managed persistence) and a single servlet handling logic (through helper classes) and appearance (using XSLT stylesheets).

What does it do?

It allows users to manage a list of courses and corresponding work-groups, as well as subscribe to the groups. And that’s it. It’s not very sophisticated (as most of my apps;) ), but it can ease the work of supervising enrollment in some simple cases (my colleague has made a similar (in terms of functionality) app that was actually used for managing enrollment for several laboratories on my university, but it was using MySQL + PHP)

Even if it will prove useless in the real world enrollment, I hope that maybe someone will find the source code…. inspiring (even if it will serve as an example of how not to do things;) )…

Speaking of how not to do things… The database (bean + entity classes) could have been designed a little better, and the idea to create a single servlet to HANDLE THEM ALL was not that great… But now I know that;)

If you are interested, you can download it here: SRC, EAR;

You can use this software (including the binary and source code) in any way you want, as long as you give me (Lurker_pas) the credit for the original work (for example by mentioning my name in the documentation/home page…). You also agree that I will not be held responsible for any results (including data loss and damage) of use or misuse of this software or any part of it.


Home page

Users’ management

Courses’ management

Groups’ management (main window for normal users…)


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