What is MABR?

1) It’s a concept-app that I use to learn how to handle multi-media in JavaME

2) It’s a small playground for some experiments with AI

3) It’s a simple kill’em-all and be-the-last-one-to-die survival game

4) It’s a framework for *potentially* even more games;)

Story is as follows:

Your superiors are psychotic crazy sociopaths that enjoy the sight of junk and the smell of burnt metal. In order to amuse themselves a bit, they’ve choosen a couple of expendable soldiers, packed them into the standard-use earthbound mobile-armours armed with random weapons and gave the order – the last to die wins… If no one want’s to win – everyone dies… Pretty simple, isn’t it?

And believe it or not, you are one of the lottery winners!

Hey, but that’s sick, no one would approve of that! Well, actually they did – human life in the overpopulated 2x century is dirt-cheap, not to mention that all communication is jammed so no one else knows about your conditions. And *what if* someone, after some time, finds out that there are a few soldiers less? Well, accidents – especially during the training with live ammo – do happen…

So, get a grip and make sure to survive another day!

So you start searching for the trigger… If you find it, you are lucky… if you are not, then you’d better get the hell out of here!


My aim with this game is to make each “round” an unique experience and means to achieve that are:

Fully random, custom-sized map generated from scratch for each game

Each of AI-controlled players has exactly the same abilities and goal as the human player

Each of the players is equipped with a random starting weapon – it can be a gun, but also an armour regenerator or a booster

More to come;)



Current version

At the moment the game is under development, so it’s not yet fully playable – the AI is a mess and all it can do is to wander aimlessly around the map. As soon as I teach it to play within the game mechanics that’s already implemented, I’ll start adding new “rules” and weapons to make the game more dynamic and more playable:) For now, please consider it an “alpha” version…

You can download it here.

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