Nihongo English Dictionary

I’ve been learning japanese for some time now, but without too much effect. Nonetheless, in order to help myself a little bit, I decided to create a small japanese dictionary. As I don’t have the knowledge to actually create the word lists, I used EDICT (for words and translations) and 12Dicts (to choose the most common ones)… The interface is not very elaborate, but it’s still useable, at least for me… The app was developed under an emulator – where it looks pretty simple, but still OK -, but on an actual device (Nokia N95) it looks terrible – it doesn’t integrate too well with Series 60 Themes… You have been warned, but still, it’s not that bad:)

It has 11838 english and 19153 japanese words, due to some memory limitations. I cannot guarantee that the translations are correct, so use it at your own risk.

One tip:

If you can’t find the word you are looking for using the main screen, try the browser – it helps!

Here is the link:

And here is a small copyright notice:

This package uses an extract from modified EDICT files. These files are the property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group at Monash University, and are used in conformance with the Group’s licence.
Project homepage:
Project licence:

Subset of EDICT words was selected based on 3esl.txt file from 12Dicts by Alan Beale.
It can be found at:

Additional requirements:

App uses something around 2MB of memory, which is the limit for the emulator, but not for all phones…


Main screen

NED Browser screen

Dictionary browser

NED Translation screen

Translation invoked from the browser


27 Responses to “Nihongo English Dictionary”

  1. pls give me the meaning of the word agency to nihongo

  2. The word “agency” has many meanings – so I can’t give you a specific answer, especially as my knowledge of japanese vocobulary isn’t too good. If you want to find it on the internet, I suggest trying FreeDict (English-Japanese version) – . You may also try Google Translate (also English-Japanese version) –|ja| .However, if you have a little more time you can download and install Wakan – it’s a really versalite tool, which includes dictionaries and a quite nice editor. Hope that helps.

  3. please grant to allow me access to your website…

  4. god day…
    allow me to accept my profile and allowed to show…

  5. All anonymous users have read access to the entire site. Write access (the ability to remove, add and modify content) is and will be reserved only to me. However, if you want to cooperate, for example by improving any of the applications here, please write me a message and then we can try to work out the details:)

  6. How can I ran this app on my phone? (My phone is Sony Ericsson S500) Do I have to download an emulator to my phone in able to access the dictionary? please help. ^^ I really really want to learn nihongo. :)

  7. hi

  8. kunichiwwa????

  9. ..i wnt to learn more on japanese language

  10. i want to know more about the japanese words.

  11. konnichiwa! :D

  12. isperition

  13. i love japanese <3

  14. i truly like japanese

  15. hi

  16. hi to all.. i need to learn nihonggo… can you help me?

  17. what is “how are you” in nihonggo?

  18. kimi ga hontou ni daisuki da yo!!

    what does this mean..?

  19. “I really like you”

  20. kimi ga hontou ni daisuki dayo… “i really like you”

  21. konnichiwa!!!

    i wouLd Like to know the meaning of ” watashi no kokoro wa ai no kotoba o hanashi te iru . answer pleased,

  22. hi ? i want to learn more about the japanese language .

  23. konbanwa!

  24. ohayo gozaimasou

  25. hi ? i want to learn more about the japanese language .

  26. Hi what is november 09 in nihongo ?

  27. Would you please translate dis in english. Watashi wa gakusei desu.

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