Dark Market – Witch Time

A couple of photos from Dark Market: Witch Time – an alternative fashion fair which took place in Warsaw on the 23rd of November 2013. I went there mainly to see some interesting outfits (some women did look fantastic!) and do a test run of my not-so-new-but-still-mostly-unused remote flash trigger combined with a brand new set of light correction filters. The results… vary, but still are promising. Conclusions: I need to practice handling my DSLR with a single hand (it’s 1.5 crop AND still heavy…), I have to watch out for overexposure (it’s just too damn easy to burn faces, even with a softbox) and white-balance/saturation (WB is mostly OK, though not very consistent; still, I desaturated all photos). Oh, and I forgot to lower my perspective… Still, a great learning experience (^_^)

Please enjoy the pics!

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