PACon 2010 – Event

Polish Anime Convention – yet another anime related gathering… Well, not really:) I’ll actually remember this one pretty well – for the first time in my life I spent more than 5 minutes total in console room… And for the first time I played on a console during a convention… And for the first time I took part in a tournament. And I fought my way up to the second place in Tekken 6 (yay! I bought my PS3 just 2 week ago;) )… Well, I did lose completely in Go, but Tekken nicely makes up for that:)
Anyway – one of the nicer events I attended. The merchandise was kind of a monoculture devoted to few popular series/lame goods junkyard, but still I managed to find some gems. People in general seemed a bit less sociable than usual, but maybe that’s because of February’s temperatures… Yet still I managed to bump into nice guys… go back… mainly nice girls (thanks Mion! thanks FMA team!) :) But guys also (console and japanese games rooms)… And cosplay was actually pretty good (see PACon 2010 – cosplay). The organization wasn’t as bad as it used to be – but there’s still room for improvement:)
All in all – A+.

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