Warsaw’s Nights

After taking my final exams, logging off from an apprenticeship and submitting all projects for the WTU, I went for a nice, long, relaxing stroll – destination – the old town of Warsaw… I was both lucky and unlucky… The lucky part was that the air was pretty cool and humid, and everything was covered in a fog – all the dispersed lights contrasting with the darkness felt like magic… And HDR;) Well, pretty heavy postprocessing anyway, and in real-time too! The unlucky part was, that I didn’t have a decent camera with me… The one with bright lens, long exposure, tripod and lots of manual controlls… But I had my wonderful Nokia N95. It’s pretty OK when it comes to photos in good lighting, but… Otherwise it sucks… Still, I had no choice…

And that’s the result… Photos are not of the best quality (blur, noise, screwed exposition…), but I guess they convey at least a small touch of the atmosphere. Some of them were artificially brightened in photo editor, some of them were left as dark as they originally were…












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