Nepal – Himalayas

A couple of photos from my trip to Nepal (2013). The experience was quite unique, so I made lot’s of shots – in order to manage them, I dediced to split them into a few galleries. This contains only the photos made just before, during and right after a sightseeing flight over Himalayas. We boarded a small (only 18-person) twin engine plane and left Kathmandu for an easy trip to the Everest. Although the windows were dirty and scratched (Nepal is not far from India, so… well, no wonder…), I managed to get a few nice shots (white balance is screwed anyway…). The pilots were nice enough to invite some of the passengers right to the pilot cabin – I haven’t been there since the 90s;P A short, but trully unique experience – I don’t have time or money to get any closer to the Mount Everest and Himalayas are the most beautiful mountains I’ve seen so far (^_^)

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