Mokon 2008

Two years after Negicon I managed to visit another A&M convent – Mokon. The organization was worse than awful – 1.5h (and still I was a lucky one) waiting in the queue just to enter (no, that was not the problem of the amount of people, but a composition of delays, misinformation and pure incompetence bred on the organizer’s stupidity), the “orgs” inside didn’t know a thing (“Cosplay Weapon’s Exhibition? No, I don’t know where it is, it’s not in my sector…” (as if they had multiple sectors to partition ~10 rooms… haha) ; “What time? I don’t know, I was just told to say what I’ve just said”;”I have no idea…”) and finally a 3h delay in cosplay which brought havoc onto the cosplayers and finally resulted in everyone being chased out of the Main Room (the last cosplay scene was dropped (not sure about all the cosplayers, there should be around 130 of them…), the announcement of winners was messed and incomplete…).

But despite the harderst efforts by the organizers, the event was a huge success. The cosplay was just awesome. Unfortunately, in Warsaw I have only my Nokia, which is a suboptimal choice for such occassions. But still – here is a glimpsee of what could be seen on Mokon 2008.

I’ll be searching for some higher grade photos and when I find them, I’ll link.

External links:,gallery,browse,736.html,gallery,browse,734.html,gallery,browse,733.html?sort=1&grid=5×8 – search for MOKON

BTW >> Pyramid Head RULEZZZZZ!!! The outfit, the make-up, the behaviour… Everything:)


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