These are the photos made by my mighty Olympus C5050z during the trip to Peru and Bolivia. I spent there around 3 weeks, but I made only ~900 photos. Around the amount I made during one day of my stay in Mont Real. Or 3 diving days… Or 2 days with my new E520… But, as an excuse, I can say, that it was in 2003:) and I had only two 512MB CF cards… But again… I just switched from analog (~30 photos per film) and old digital (~60 2Mpix photos per card) cameras.

Nonetheless, you can see the sights of Lima, La Paz, Paracas, Colca Canyon (the deepest in the world, or so they say), Arequipa, Nazca, Machu Picchu, Titicaca (with man made floating islands), Tiahuanaco and peruvian jungle… That was one of the (if not *THE*) best and most interesting trips I ever had. Looking from perspective, I could have prepared myself better (in more than one way), but still – it was great;)

Please enjoy!


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