[work in progress]
As I joined the Microsystems Student Scientific Group “ONYKS”, my first assignment was (and still is) to help create the on-board flight software. At the moment, we are working on flight stabilization, but we are thinking about making the quadcopter a more or less autonomous drone in the future. If this happens, I’ll gladly move this page from “embedded” to “robotics” category:)

At the moment we use an ARM7 microcontroller, an analog 3-axis accelerometer and 2 2-axis analog gyroscopes. We also have a Blutooth radio for remote monitoring and – possibly in the future – remote controll. I’m dealing with the algorythmic side of the software (orientation matrix and stabilization), while others (Witold Kardys and Michal Waszkiewicz) deal mainly with electronics, mechanics and driver software.

So far the effects are… educating:) As it seems, atmospheric flight is quite demanding and hardware is far from ideal. The work is still in progress. Below you can wind photos from the early stages of development:

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  1. […] Hi there! This blog was originally intented as a platform for writing mainly about my software and hardware related effors. As it turned out, it has become dominated with photos… Not that it’s a bad thing… but let’s go back for a moment to the original purpose. A few months ago I joined the Microsystems Student Scientific Group and their quadcopter project:) The work is still in progress, but I decided it’ll be “refreshing” for my blog to mention it – hence a dedicated page. […]

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