Shooting Range

Here are some photos from a shooting range that I went to along with my Father. I got to shot a few times from:
Bersa pistol 5,6 mm
Eusta revolver 5,6 mm
TOZ rifle 5,6 mm
Erma-Werke pistol 5,6 mm
PM-96 S machine pistol 9mm
Mossberg shotgun

The revolver had a really poor accuracy (7,6 and off-target, all biased to the upper-left) with almost no recoil, while the pistols were more or less the same (8-10), with the exception of PM-96, which was clunky, with strong recoil (despite single shot mode) and poor sights (although I scored 9 and 10). The rifle seems to be my favourite weapon – all 10 (^_^) The Mossberg… well, it hit all over the place:/ with a little bias to the left… probably…

Still, interesting experience:)

Sorry for the quality, but the photos were taken with my HTC mobile;P

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