Wind And Water ‘N’ Diving

In the middle of March 2010 I participated (for one day only) in three diving related events. The first one is a private matter:)
The second event was Fair of Water Sports and Recreation “Wind and Water” – a pretty big event for Warsaw, it revolved mainly around boats and yachts, but still saved some space for diving centres and diving equipment dealers…
The last event was Diving Fair – a much smaller, but diving-only happening which included not only the presence of commercial entities, but also some lectures (e.g. freediving), presentations (e.g. underwater archeology by Warsaw University) and movies (the only one I watched was archival movie about american military divers… in 1950s… pretty cool stuff, so it’s a real shame I couldn’t stay much longer:( )
I don’t (and I don’t want to) know why these two events were separate, but… They ware 30 minutes away from each other, so it wasn’t so bad.
Enjoy the photos!

BTW – the ones in hangars are from Wind and Water, the ones in corridors and lecture hall are from Diving Fair

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