The Game of Thrones 2013

The Students Association and “Fantastic” organized a “Game of Thrones” themed event at the Warsaw University – featuring a screening of the first episode from the third series, board games, trivia competitions and cosplay (which was the sole reason to get myself together and gather my last bits of strength on the friday evening… I was literaly exhausted since noon:/). I really can’t judge the event as a whole, because The Game of Thrones is not my thing and I didn’t have the time or strength to play the games (and though I don’t watch the series, I love “The Game of Thrones: the board game”), but the cosplay was done “guerilla style”. Which is a shame really, because some of the outfits were really nice. It’s a pity that the fantasy fandom doesn’t appreciate cosplays and treats them as a kind of a second class citizen on their events… Well, enough of that – please enjoy the photos (^_^)
BTW >> The lady in green (whoever she is;P her hateful look is cute:3) won; the guy I bet on got the second place…

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